Why It’s Never Too Late to Embrace a Mindful Lifestyle

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This is a guest post by Maureen Scanlon, founder and CEO of Maureen Scanlon Life Coaching.

Do you ever catch yourself thinking, “If I knew then, what I know now, things would be a lot different”? As humans, we’re naturally curious and want instantaneous knowledge from the beginning of our lives. Life isn’t supposed to work like that though. 

Each day, we are presented with new challenges and experiences that lead us to a more fulfilled life… if we choose. That is the challenge though. Actively living a mindful life does not just happen. It comes from an awareness that we need to take action and intentionally decide how to think, believe, speak, and behave.

Once you have discovered a mindful existence, you may ask yourself why you didn’t do it sooner. Rest assured, the moment you begin to realize you want something more meaningful will be the perfect time for you. 

Once you adopt the mindful life, you will ask yourself why you did not adopt it any sooner. ‘Meditation’, a photo courtesy of 白士 李

The Law of Attraction is solely based on energy and vibration. What you put out, you get back. Sounds relatively simple, right? In reality, this mindset can be difficult to achieve but with the practice of mindfulness, you can achieve more than you know. 

As you journey through life, you will inevitably face contrast and trials. The learning of how to find ways that lead you to happiness derives from these challenges and contributes to your strength and the person you aim to be.

The definition of insanity says, “Doing the same thing and expecting different results.” You can continue to remain in the same place without growth over and over again until you decide it no longer serves you or your purpose. There is a process to everything which flows no matter what speed it goes. There is no standing still; we either regress or progress. 

If you have ever observed the resilience of children or pets, you will notice they have much less resistance than most adults. They are more open to change, new adventures, and experiences. If only we could stay at that place of acceptance and maintain that carefree view of the world! 

As ideal as this may sound, without this resistance, you couldn’t grow in your ability to adapt, overcome, and intentionally choose your situational outcomes. This is why you can – and should – embrace mindfulness, no matter your age or stage in life.

Kickstarting your mindfulness journey as a beginner later in life can be intimidating. But if you ask those around you who are well into their conscious quest, you should take comfort in the gratitude they probably have for diving in. 

When you’re ready to embrace a positive mindset for a harmonious life, use these methods to convert your “stuckness” to happiness: 

Identify Patterns in Your Life

To start your path to mindful intentions, try to pinpoint certain patterns in your life: Do you struggle with intimate relationships? Do you have a difficult time making decisions? Do you seem to always feel disconnected from family and friends? 

These are some examples of situations that will help you gain awareness of how to make positive changes. When we embrace the recognition of our thoughts and behaviors, we can then decide how to begin the solution-minded path to mindfulness. 

Listen to Yourself

The first step to transforming your mindset is to discern where the transformation is needed. Start paying attention to the self-talk you possess: Are you critical? Do you say self-deprecating things such as, “I’m so bad at this,” or, “I can never do anything right”? 

This negative way of talking to yourself has probably become an old habit because it feels safe to express when it isn’t coming from someone else and you’re the only one who can hear it. These thoughts are most destructive to the subconscious creation of your self-image. 

Start journaling what you say to yourself each day to monitor your self-talk– You may be surprised at how often you are critically thinking. 

Refrain and Reframe

The next step to halt the “stinkin thinkin” is to reprogram the habit by inserting something new. Reframe your words to reflect a positive point of view and replace your adverse thoughts with something like this: 

“I am doing a great job and I’m getting better”

“I have made great strides in changing _______.”

“I am better today than I was yesterday, and will be even better tomorrow.”

“I am learning how worthy and amazing I am.”

“Today I choose happiness today.” 

Audit Your Thoughts

Nothing better to audit your thoughts than taking a nice walk with a cup of coffee or tea. Photo courtesy of Jasn

Thoughts create beliefs. It is said that three repetitive thoughts instill a new belief. A belief becomes ingrained in our consciousness because of the emotion attached to it. Essentially, this is our “emotional hard drive.” We store these beliefs and use them to speak, react, and behave in certain ways. 

Our job on the mindfulness trail is to cement the good feelings that become beliefs and to let the negative emotion flow in and out, releasing any unhealthy associations. 

When you practice mindfulness with an emphasis on self-love and positivity, you can pull feelings of peace and contentment forward when faced with uncertainty. It’s not that the moments of strife won’t come; you will simply be able to get to a place that feels better without all the resistance. 

Even having the conscious mind simply go to a neutral place will eliminate the bad or negative emotional reactions you may have previously experienced. Meditation practices will help greatly in these areas. Also, try some yoga to help with physical relaxation and explore Reiki to help assist in release work. All of these practices, especially when working in unison, will begin to help you feel more peaceful. 

Remember this: You can have, be, and do all that you desire by choosing to control your mindful thoughts, feelings, and actions at any age or stage of life. 

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Maureen Scanlon is the founder and CEO of Maureen Scanlon Life Coaching. She is a Relationship Expert, Motivational Speaker, Positive Change Integrator, Spiritual Coach, and author of, “My Dog is More Enlightened Than I am.” Helping people find the best version of themselves, Maureen’s coaching teaches how to stop holding back and start feeling excited about life. When Maureen is not working to change the world, you can find her at home relaxing in Mesa, Arizona with her husband, Dennis, and dogs, Jade and Brodie