Hi, I’m Olivier Devroede and I am the main writer here at Mindfulness Based Happiness.

I’m really glad to have you here!

By profession I work in IT, by training I am a physicist. But I’ve always had a fascination for eastern culture.

I’m also a stressed out guy. Always nervous on the inside, but mostly calm on the outside.

In 2009, the inevitable happened and I suffered some bad illness that kept me at home for nearly 6 months due to excessive stress.

I had to do something, and since I was already meditating on and off at that time, I took an MBSR course. It was exactly what the doctor ordered and I have never stopped meditating since (well, I do not meditate every day, but there are not many days when I do not practice at least 10 minutes)

A few years ago I decided to become a mindfulness coach. A wonderful adventure that added more depth to my practice and gave me the opportunity to help other people with what I knew.

This site is about the many wonderful things I learned in the process of meditating and becoming a trainer.

But, since I am a scientist myself (I have a PhD in physics), I will keep a close eye on the science that is now being discovered about mindfulness. I’m particularly interested in how mindfulness can improve our happiness.

Because, isn’t that what we all want, more happiness?

I hope you enjoy reading my blog. If you do, do not hesitate to add something to the comments.